Case Study

Studio: R/GA
Role: Senior Art Director, Designer, Animator
Creative Director: Bryan Gregg

In 2021 I took on a new kind of challenge by accepting a position as Senior Art Director for R/GA’s mighty California Studio team. As a new(ish) team, we were at the forefront of creating a new way of working, where the “makers” (i.e. me and my team) were involved in projects all the way from the strategy phase through to delivery, for clients such as Reddit, Roku, Slack, Samsung, Netflix, AirBnB, and many others.

This fast-paced environment required the development of new systems and workflows, as well as a different kind of creative thinking: one that is not only highly specialized but also broad and adaptable. After all, the ability to collaborate and think critically are key in creating innovative and compelling campaigns in todays age. 

It was a wild ride, which invovled working at blistering speeds, and stretching and growing my creative capabilities. In the end, my effords paid off, as I had the privilege of being awarded with the R/GA Cube Award for Rookie of the Year!

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